Drexel Autonomous System Lab

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  • Drexel University
  • major: Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics
  • name: Youngbum Jun, Ph.D student
  • lab: Drexel Autonomouse System lab, DASL
  • advisor: Dr. Paul Oh
  • email: yj55@drexel.edu

     Our research lab has researched Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles and Humanoid Robots.  I am a researcher of the humanoid part of DASL, and interested in modeling of the human motion and cognizance in vision system of humanoids.  Recently, we have developed a miniature Humanoid called Atlas, and I am researching the stable walking and running based on sensory feedback now.

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3141 Chestnut Street,  MEM Dept., Rm 2-115,  Drexel University,  Philadelphia,  PA 19104,  USA