Step SISTR Gantry Build Video

Above shows the build for the gantry system that will be used for tracking and fall recover with our miniture humanoids.

Robotic Conference at the East Sea

What I learned about Korea: Cash prizes are much more common than in the United States. In addition to winning awards for the poster presentation competition, cash prizes of up to $500 were given to the top winners. Once again, for simple trivia questions in between speakers at the ceremonial dinner there was cash given out to people who shouted out correct answers.

Pictures of the week:

All of the media above is from the conference that we participated in at the East Sea.

Status Report:

  1. Finish Leg Assembly in Wiki: 75% complete. Date of Completion 3/1
  2. CAD New Hubo Arm Design: Date of Completion 3/2
  3. Arm Assembly in Wiki: Date of Completion  3/7
  4. Review and Polish Wiki 3/9 (which can also be done on the plane and in the US.

What I learned about myself: In Korea I’ve become much more independent and outgoing. I believe this side of me has always existed, but has never had the chance  to take shape. What I have learned though, is that my independence and ability to feel comfortable as an outsider stems completely from the support I have from my family, friends, and mentors. The connections I have made have push me to where I am now and rather than patting myself on the back I really owe it everyone else im my life.

New Koreans I Met: With this being one of my last few weeks, I have been concentrating on spending my time with the good friends that I already have. I met a few new Korean’s through introduction and perhaps dinner; however, none that I really got to know or plan to meet again in my short time here.

The Home Stretch

What I learned About Korea: I learned that middle school students go absolutely bonkers for foreigners. Alex and I did a robotic research presentation for a middle school and over 80 students attended. Multiple classes were delayed because so many people wanted to see our presentation. The only room big enough other than the auditorium was the library.

Picture of the Week:

Status Report:

Mini Hubo: Simulation for Mini Hubo stair climbing has successfully been completed. Alex and myself have used the simulation to create pictures and a draft for the simulation section. I am waiting on feedback from Youngbum.

HUBO Assembly Manual: I have completed the foot and am working my way up the leg. I should have the shin, knee, and thigh complete by mid next week. At that time all that is left is for Alex and myself to do the arms, disassembly directions, and add polish.

What I learned about myself: I learned that I am pretty good at talking to and presenting to children. I am much more animated and comical than when presenting to adults which I found is necessary for keeping their attention.

Protected: Business Meeting In Seoul

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Lunar New Year

Picture of the Week:

Here you can see our friend 인애 ‘ s father and uncle performing part of the ceremony that takes place during the lunar new year.

Status Report:

Mini Hubo Simulation: I have been in contact with Youngbum and I am currently working on recreating the mini-Hubo model in a different openRave format (Collada). The current .xml format has given some bugs when simulating collisions. I hope to have a start on simulating this Thursday.

Mini Hubo Manual: Now converting work done in pdf form to wiki form. After that I plan to document the foot, leg, and arms (probably in that order).

Koreans I Met:

This week I spent 2 days with my friend 인애 ‘s family. I met her father, mother, uncles, and most notably her little brother In-song. He’s 10 years old and acted as if he were my own little brother.

My Spontaneous Weekend in Seoul

What I learned about Korea: I had my first experience with “Club Day” in Hongdae which the last day of the month where you can buy special passes to enter multiple clubs all covered by the same fee. I learned all about the crowd, music, energy, and scene associated with this new experience.

Picture of the Week:It was one of my Brazilian friends last weekend in Korea so me and a group of 4 other Brazilians went up to Seoul to throw him a fun send off party. This picture is at the beginning of that night in a small shop that specialized in tropical drinks.

Status Report: A draft of the Hubo Manual will be sent out on 2/1 and will include the Hip, Ankle, and some other supporting documents.

What I learned about myself: I actually only intend on staying one night in Seoul and catching the bus back. That night I made a new Korean friend that wanted to hang out with me and show me around the next day. My motto over here has always to never say no to new opportunities or experiences. All of my friends that I came with went home and I decided that I wasn’t done exploring. I stayed at the public spa, met up with my friend the next day and explored Sincheon and Hongdae went out again and stayed ANOTHER night! This is the most independent and spontaneous I have ever been in my life and it resulted in one of my most fun weekends yet. What I learned about myself…I’m much more fearless about throwing myself into new experiences and traveling alone.

Koreans I met: The girl I met that actually showed me around this weekend was named 신아. She spoke really good english despite only living in Canada for a year.