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Welcome to the Drexel Autonomous Systems Lab MediaWiki.


DRC-Hubo & ROS

Prague [Alex Alspach]

Lego NXT Tutorials

Computer Vision applications and Algorithms [Karthik Yuvaraj[Kenneth Chaney]]

GTK Glade: GUI for ROS [Matko O]

dasl-ros-pkg: ROS packages developed at DASL [Christopher K]

This is a repository for Robot Operating System (ROS) related open source code produced by the Drexel Autonomous Systems Laboratory at Drexel University. Code within this repository is released under the New BSD license.

MM-UAV: Mobile Manipulating Unmanned Aerial Vehicle [Christopher K]

A page dedicated to aerial manipulation research at DASL.

Robotis Darwin-OP

Tutorials related to Darwin-OP.

Summer 2012

Co-Axial Helicopter with IR Elevation Control [Peter Purnyn]

Hubo++ Related Tutorials [Youngkwang Lee]

Rotorcraft Tutorials [Kristopher Krasnosky]

Tutorials on how to set up a basic autonomous rotorcraft

Ventilation Ducting Navigator [Kristopher Krasnosky]

Tutorial using Emaxx truck with Arduino.

Robotino Operation [Kristopher Krasnosky]

Tutorial using Festo Robotino pneumatic mobile platform

Robotic Navigation [Kristopher Krasnosky]

Jaemi Hubo [Richard Vallett]

Tutorial on using basic functions within the Jaemi Hubo.

STAR 2013

Change Logs

This section is an attempt to place general information about changes that are made to different sites hosted by the DASL server as well as changes to server configs themselves.